Let's listen and feel the sound of the city
Soundscape decribes the process of perceiving or experiencing and/or understanding an acoustic environment. Through auditory experience, people can understand/respond to the acoustic environment in a certain time and space in order to obtain feelings of scenery, culture, religious beliefs, urban life.
As soundscape focuses on human's auditory perception/experience and understanding of the acoustic environment, it not only reflects noisy feelings but also other feelings of ambient sounds. In modern city, ambient sounds are mainly from mechanical and transportation, they contribute most of acoustic environment, resulting in all sounds taken as noise. However, in real world, many differnent sounds involve in acoustic environment especially to the cities owing well ecology. Many matural sounds such as insect singing, bird twittering, and gurgling water. In such situation, soundscape reflects a comprehensive acoustic environment. The correlation between ambient sounds and auditory feelings are more important than noise. Urban soundscape shows more context of natural features, social cultures rather than noise. The soundscape of eco-cities can even be index of social health and sustainable development. Therefore, let us start a trip of exploring soundscape in Shenzhen, and listening to the city's heart beating.